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Inspirational Makers and Shops

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Inspirational Makers and Shops

We are a Group of Crazy Creative Humans, not just a space.  Join on MeetUp or on Facebook any where in the world.

And requesting to Join is easy, it takes less then 5 minutes by answering 4 short questions.  By the way, my favorite animal is the Sloth. This app process guarantees you’re in good Safe Creative Company.  The meetings are online but not recorded so you attend any where in the World.

So I’m Ryan, the organizer, and back when I taught Design at NC State it seemed only the fortunate could afford the program or even afford Summer Design Camp that cost $800+ a week to get started. I launched hackLAB as an open global (digitally networked) group of amazing makers that mentor other makers, young, creative and talented.  The target audience is middle school and first-year high schoolers that need the nudge to pursue engineering, science, and design careers. We meet and share our ideas, make videos, weekly live shows, schedule inspirational talks.

Welcome Makers to the hackLAB.

hackLAB is a maker group based in the Research Triangle that helps other makers, young and brilliant.

We’re a growing Free Maker Group, which makes unique custom products like T-Shirts, Toys, Signs, and Accessories to help sponsor and support young designers. Please support us from our Shop or at Patreon

We’re the place where you can learn new skills, meet other Makers of all ages, and use our space, tools, and technologies to turn your dreams and ideas into physical products. Our group of 60 and growing members are ready and built to foster creative collaborations between lovers of technology, art, electronics, music, robotics, mechanics, and more.

Making, Motivation and Mentoring is our foundation.

Support us on Patreon

Support hackLAB

We’re a nonprofit organization focused on growing the Maker community online and based in Raleigh, NC. A small Patreon donation, regardless of the amount, will help fund events, classes, workshops, and tool/equipment purchases at hackLAB. Even a dollar a month will show us support.  Support Here

Participate in hackLAB

There are many ways to engage with hackLAB. Become a hackLAB member. Enjoy our events, classes, workshops, and project nights.  Please mentor our new Makers. We rely on your help and support to design and deliver programs that encourage a culture of Making and Creating.

Volunteer with hackLAB

hackLAB has many volunteer opportunities to pay it forward.  We are especially interested in SMEs subject matter expert volunteers to teach students of all ages in a project-based learning environment across a variety of disciplines. We use Google hang-outs and Skype.

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