3D Printed Arduino Robotic Claw Hand

Everyone needs a robot Claw

So everything’s here to build a 3D printed simple robot claw that you can then attach to any of your Arduino projects. You could use it as a prop, put it on an RC car, make a drone claw, or make a full robot to grab things from your sister.

Your toolbox needs to have these Materials to allow for flexible building

  • Add a High Torque Servo per Digit (8 pack below best deal)
  • Arduino Uno + battery pack
  • Plenty of Wire
  • Control Knob Kit – 1 per Claw Digit (Servo)

Use the linked STL file and print it out. I printed mine with a raft, no scaffolding or support is needed. You can print raft-less if you can manage it, on my Up! Mini the raft just peels away nicely so its no hassle apart from the extra time it takes.

There’s even a .stl file is for a controller knob to go on what’s called a POT, but it’s optional.

Make the Claw come Alive!

Once printed pull the pieces apart, if you printed with a raft (tear off and recycle raft support), then we’re ready to make the claw come alive.

  • Print all 3D Parts in File
  • Place the cap onto the Servo
  • Using one of the provided screws, screw your servo into the cap. If you have spare screws feel free to put in 2.
  • Take the claw arm that has the servo arm indent in it. Put it over the servo cog and place your Servo’s single arm into place in the indent. It should fit tightly.
  • Push the arm into the Cog so that it grips to move the Servo back and forth and make sure it grips well. Look at the 4th picture your servo should be fully extended by about this point. If it wants to keep going then pull off the arm and adjust it so this is the endpoint.
  • Now wind the arm back a bit (as shown) and screw in the small screw that came with your servo pack to secure the arm.
  • Hold the 2nd arm in place as shown in the 5th image, it should be in the same relative spot as the first arm.
  • Take the top plate and push it into place, notice there is a hole in the cap under the 2nd arm. The rod from the top plate goes through here and should click into place.
  • Use your remaining screws, to screw the two sides together. There are 3 matching screw holes, but you may only have one screw left from your kit, it will hold together with one screw, put it in the front hole.

Adapt this Arduino Code (Sketch) for each Servo Claw Digit

#include const int potPin = A0; const int clawPin = 12; Servo claw; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); claw.attach(clawPin); pinMode(potPin, INPUT); testClaw(2); } void testClaw(int loops) { for (int i=0;i