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Tinnitus Cure Using Sound timed with Skin Stimulus

Specially timed tens and sound signals ease tinnitus symptoms in first test aimed at condition’s root cause. What the device does… The device uses ‘electrical-acoustical stimulus timing’, with an alternating burst of two stimuli during a daily half-hour session. Firstly, the sound is played into the ears using a specialized earphone, before the audio stimulus is […]

Glowforge Basic Power and Speed Settings

LASER CHEAT SHEET  (Use at your own Risk) Tips Having fewer variables will help to find the optimum settings faster. Not all metals use the same speed setting for Engraving. When adjusting settings, a good rule is to adjust either the power or the speed. keep the power setting as low as possible. Power settings that […]

Controllable Sensor Midi Driven Sound MP3 Sound Player

I’m hacking a project to program a series of sounds(mp3) or 1 sound to play when I press a button(s) or possibly activate it by a sensor. I plan to hack the code for it to play mp3s in a code function on this. fVBRC3ARIsAIifYONclt7rqVV0gxlpoywcpV3WEeC9oMMC7olExjxY7h_ZbZVso35oSh0aAqMXEALw_wcB] About Bend all audio files to your will with the […]