Just in time for Halloween, I’ve uploaded a Photoshop and Illustrator template for the time-traveling Delorean’s dashboard that you can download and edit.

This digital design works with the iPad 1, 2, Air dimensions or matches the pixel aspect ratio so you can hack your device without the need of a LED circuits.

You can customize the date for parties, events, etc. These Photoshop and Illustrator templates are ready for some cool time-traveling in the Delorean.  You can download and edit from the Shop.

The LCD font that matches the BTTF movie version is included in the download.

I uploaded this digitally to this site, brought that up on my iPad 2, then made a laser-cut (Glowforge) box, painted it metal grey, distressed, printed, cut and pasted the labels, then finally added a strap to wear with my Costume.


Fonts –  Impact and LCD included available from daFont.



[Select Here – Test the Time Machine on your iPad]

Back to The Future Delorean Dashboard with Photoshop Illustrator Template


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