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    Please see for the latest version.


    1. Arena
    1a. The arena will be a raised platform 30″ (762mm) square.
    1b. At least 50% of the arena must have a drop off area.
    1c. A robot that falls off the arena will be deemed to have lost.
    1d. A robot unable to right itself after 30 seconds will be deemed to have lost.
    1e. At any time in a fight a robot may surrender, if so they will be deemed to have lost.

    2. Weight Limit
    2a. Robots motivated by rotary motion are limited to 0.15kg (150g)
    2b. Robots motivated by non-rotary motion (i.e walkers) are limited to 0.225kg (225g)
    2c. Robots will be weighed by scales accurate to +/- 1g.
    2d. The weight limit is judged as the ‘fighting weight’ entering the arena.

    If in doubt check the accuracy of your scales or robot against a POST OFFICE set and build to the limit of your scales. If your scales are 5g accurate you could end up building a 152.5g robot.

    3. Physical Size
    3a. All robots to be contained within a 4″ (101.6mm) cube prior to competition.
    3b. Robots may expand under remote control.
    3c. Antennas must be contained within this cube.

    4. Energy Source
    4a. Batteries must not contain acid/liquid electrolyte.
    4b. No voltage greater than 24.0V is permitted.
    4c. A power switch must be included and easily accessible and provide full shutdown.

    5. Weaponry
    5a. Metal weapons are permitted (see rule 6b)
    5b. Fluid based weapons (treacle guns, etc..) are NOT permitted.
    5c. Glue or sticky pad weapons are NOT permitted.
    5d. String or entanglement weapons are NOT permitted.
    5e. Flame based weapons are not permitted
    5f. The use of electricity as a weapon is NOT permitted.
    5g. explosives based weapons are NOT permitted.
    5h. Any system involving the use of pressurized gas shall be limited to 100p.s.i (7 Bar)
    5i. For safety purposes all weaponry must be able to be shutdown remotely.

    6. Armour
    6a. Composite armour is allowed.


    Metal armour is now allowed from 2.2a of the rules
    Armour is defined as “a protective layer or skin”.
    Monocoques are defined as armour.

    7. Remote Control of Robot
    7a. The following frequencies are acceptable: 27 MHz, 40 MHz, 418 MHz, 433-434 MHz, 868 MHz, 2.45 GHz
    7b. Magnetic/inductive systems are NOT allowed. (Due to possibility of interference with later arena designs).
    7c. When the control transmitter is switched OFF or out-of-range or subject to interference the robot must ‘FAILSAFE’.
    7d. Contestants must register the possible frequencies that their controllers’ use (including which crystals they have) with ‘FREQUENCY CONTROL’ at least 7 days before the CONTEST.
    7e. All controls must be CE & MPT compliant.

    8. Duration of Activity
    8a. The maximum length of a “one on one” BATTLE will be 180 seconds (3 minutes).

    9. During BATTLE
    9a. Robots may hold or pin each other for a maximum of 20 seconds.
    9b. Robots that don’t wish to carry on can “surrender” a robot that does surrender shall be declared as the loser.

    9c. The JUDGE will give a verbal warning at 15 seconds into any holding or pinning for the contestants to disengage, should they not do so by 20 seconds the BATTLE will be stopped and the robots returned to their respective corners and the BATTLE recommence immediately.

    10. Weapons
    10a. Un-tethered weapons are NOT permitted: should a weapon break off in a competitor it will be considered un-tethered.
    10b. Any tethered weapon must have an adequate connection to prevent the weapon becoming un-tethered.
    10c. Tethered weapons range is to be no more than 3″ (914mm)
    10d. Any weapon that rotates must not exceed 10 metres per second tip speed. This primarily a safety issue.
    10e. High-impact (eg rotating) weapons can only be used within a battlebox capable of containing any possible shrapnel that particular weapon can create.
    10f. Pneumatics based weaponry can only be used in an enclosed arena and must be shown to be safe prior to competition.
    10g. Rotating weapons which may shatter are NOT permitted

    10g. Scalpel blades ARE permitted

    11. Outside Assistance
    11a. Outside manipulation is NOT permitted during the contest.

    12. Safety Equipment
    12a. All entrants are adviced to provide & wear their own approved safety goggles throughout any BATTLE.
    12b. Protective gloves must be worn when handling robots with sharp edges.
    12c. Combat involving rotating weaponry MUST be carried out in an enclosed arena.

    13. Protection from Sharp Edges
    13a. All sharp edges must have protective covers outside the arena.
    13b. All protective covers are to be made clearly visable.

    14. Contestant Interaction
    14a. Contests must communicate in a socially acceptable way to each other.
    14b. No spitting or swearing or punching.

    15. Sponsorship
    15a. Sponsors allowed providing logo is not bigger than the robot.
    15b. Sponsors logos must of a decent taste.

    16. Recognition
    16a. All robots must be clearly labled with their name.

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